lundi 7 décembre 2009

Seminar on virtualization on REDHAT by VLP

On this day I attended a seminar on the virtualization on redhat 5 platform. This seminar organised by VLP who is actually the Redhat company representation in Cameroon and central africa region aim was to vulgarize virtualization concepts and to give to the IT community here in cameroon a vision of what virtualization is and should be.

If many of us have heard of virtualization few have had the opportunity to implement a huge production on this platform. The most common platform for virtualization known by each of us is vmware for sure, but I assure you that with virtualization embedded in future releases of RHEL 5 and RHEV, Oracle would gain in power because REDHAT is a native OS platform for Oracle.
As an Oracle database administrator I have implemented some test environment with Oracle 10g on vmware and REDHAT but was still doubtfull if a huge production environment would not suffer i/o because we mainly use Oracle and knowing that Oracle flushish the data directly on hard disk once the buffer is 1/3 full or some different conditions u probably know. The logical question I had to ask myself was if Oracle wouldn't suffer if some other process should first manipulate this data before writing them on disk.

I had this exchange with the boss of VLP M. Alex SANTON who gave me some explanation on the issue. For sure we may have a low waste of time but this is definitely insignificant if we take into consideration the load balancing we are benefiting from a virtual layer wish permit a better management of the memory and processing capacities.

I would later give you a lesson on SQL tuning because this is a very important issue on I/O and many database administrator take for granted that once sql retrieve a result they are expecting then everything is OK. That is wrong and totally wrong
VLP is partner with
OPENBRAVO which i know and does more on ERP and CRM
You may have a look on their web site:


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  1. Hope u give us some feedback on the implementation u carried out. I do not want to imbed my production in some kind of experimental product. I need a guarantee and none of virtualizer is actually providing that*



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